Clear, Concise and Pragmatic

solutions, think IMACON
 We differentiate ourselves from other competitors in the market by sticking to our motto: Clear, Concise and Pragmatic services and advice. 
IMACON Group provides consulting services for marketing across China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Our services including below:
  • Conducting research & analysis of business environment;
  • Facilitating in launching of new business and develop new growth strategy;
  • Developing Business Plan
  • Providing M&A related Support
  • Providing Overseas Expansion Support
  • Providing Training Support
  • Commercial Advisory Services
We achieve the desired result through prudent strategy planning and execution, instead of simply stating the desired result itself. At IMACON Group, your unique request will always be carefully attended to and resolved efficiently.

What to expect from IMACON

Real time Results

Cost-effective Solutions

Multilingual Support

Amazingly Responsive

Clear, Concise and Pragmatic Solutions, think IMACON